Paseo del Este Municipal Utility District 3


1. District contact:

Paseo del Este Municipal Utility District No. 3
13034 Eastlake Boulevard, Suites D-E
El Paso, Texas 79928
Local: (915) 852-1465
Toll-Free: (800) 579-4500

2. Elected Officers of the District:

Ivan Alcocer, President
Gus Haddad, Vice President
Mark Dyer, Secretary
Sandy Boswell, Assistant Secretary
Ray Adauto, Assistant Secretary

3. Next Board of Directors Election:

Elections for directors of the District are conducted on the May Uniform Election Date. The next election for members of the Board of Directors of the District shall be conducted on May 6, 2023.

The election is typically conducted as a joint election administered by El Paso County at the polling places established by El Paso County to serve El Paso County’s regular election precincts within the District.

4. Other District Information:

District Tax and Budget Information … Click here
Annual Financial Audit … Click here
     Note: This information complies with Texas Tax Code, Section 26.18