About the District

About the Districts

Paseo del Este Municipal Utility District 1 is responsible for billing, construction, installation, rate setting, establishing rules and policies, and other services for the entire Paseo del Este area. The other ten Districts are primarily responsible for funding MUD 1’s functions for your neighborhood.

If you need to know who is on the Board of Directors, agendas for Board Meetings, minutes of previous Board Meetings, or other information about Municipal Utility District 1 or your District, click on the District below.

District Information

The following is information on all of the Districts: Boards of Directors, Board Meetings, Agendas, Minutes, and more … Click on Your District

If you are unsure of which District you reside in, look at the account number on your latest bill. The fourth and fifth digits of your account number are your District. For example, if your account number starts with “60609-”, you reside in District 9.

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